From 2009 to 2014, I storyboarded a couple dozen commercials and short films. Here’s a few excerpts from some of my favorites.

Upon entering the Cyberpunk Biome, explorers of the Fort are greeted with a lively scene, and the rich smells of ramen and tea. This room was designed to create a roleplay opportunity that guests would design themselves, while being willingly “tricked” into service for the space.

We have had guests stay in this role for up to 3 hours; it can become their whole night. Before long, each person who finds themselves running the ramen shop finds their own persona in the role. They gain a sense of ownership of the space, and within the role, an identity that they didn’t know was waiting for them here.

One licensed therapist who found themselves trapped behind our ramen bar for an hour went searching for us after her “shift” was over. She wanted to tell us, beat by beat, how the layers of this space kept unfolding in front of her. She described how the layout and the premise and the delivery was the slickest series of experiential maneuvers she’d ever seen, how her curiosity transformed into surprisingly sincere purpose, how she changed behind the bar in her newfound identity.

With tears in her eyes, she said that her time in his room was one of the most incredible experiences she’d ever had.