Explorers of the The Fort of July (2023) unlock the safe hidden in the roots of the Great Tree, and find the final journal within. They are close to solving the mystery of this year’s story!

The foundation of my work is a desire to bring people something utterly unexpected and unique. If art is to be impactful, it must be memorable. Novelty is always at the heart of the unforgettable; it is the seed from which memory, and therefore impact, blooms.

As we entrench ourselves ever-deeper into digital lives, our inherent need for in-person experiences and live exploration is only increasing. In this context, it is absolutely vital that we, as artists, make the most of every single bid a person makes to seek meaning and connection in our shared reality.

I hope that you enjoy this window into my work. However, given what you already know of real versus digital experiences, in your heart, you must also know that nothing here can compare to experiencing these vignettes in-person.

I cannot wait to create new experiences for you; meet me at the crossroads of magic and meaning. Let us forge new memories, and become greater for it.


Los Angeles, CA